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Energy developers (solar panel installers) request their projects to be listed on the I4E platform

I4E will rate the projects using an approved due dilligence (DD) process

I4E will publish Energy developer’s project(s) on the I4E platform

Each project will be listed with specifications and location for lenders choose from. They can choose one or more projects and lend money to the specific project(s) from $100 to $millions.

The lender will choose the terms for his/her loan, how often he/she wants to be paid out, however we encourage lenders to have their money for at least 24 months

Once there is enough money for a project, I4E will draft a contract including terms and conditions specific for the project. I4E and the energy developer will sign the contract

Upon signing the contract the energy developer will receive part of the fund to buy the panels, equiptments and build the projects

During the DD process the energy developer has gain the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the off-taker and the government about releasing the energy to Electrical Grid, the produced energy will be paid accordingly by the off-takers

The energy developer will pay back monthly based on the terms agreed in the contract signed with I4E (point 6)

The lenders will get payback per agreed terms chosen by them when they chose the project(s) to lend to

If the off-taker fails to pay, I4E will take control of the project and enforce payments from the off-taker as agreed in the PPA, or cut-off the electricty and send it to the grid

In the event of default I4E will claim insurance or pay ourselves

Fire and natural catastrophe will be included in the insurance of the project

In the event of increasing of the number of projects, I4E will outsource DD process to 3rd party vendors

There is a competitor of I4E, which is The Sun Exchange found by Abraham Cambridge in 2015 in South Africa, the platform host small projects under 1MW for schools or institutions.

There are about 5 big solar projects around the 2GW size. The Bhadla Solar Park, India (2,245 MW) construction was started in July 2015 and the first phase was commissioned in October 2018. The second phase is expected to be commissioned in April 2019, while phases three and four are expected to be commissioned by March 2019. It costed $1.3B ($580K per MW)

1MW produce 1460MWh per year, which can power 250 homes and save 900 tons CO2


The Future of Sustainablity is Here

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