This Project with a capacity of 985 kWp, since completed, has contributed to supplement a stable power source to the national power system in general and Long An province in particular, make an important contribution. It is important to serve local social security, collect the provincial budget as well as develop clean energy sources for Long An province and the country. In particular, the project is more meaningful to promote socio-economic development in Duc Hoa district, Long An province where the solar power plant is located, because at present this locality still has many difficulties, especially in rural areas.


The project rented the rooftop of  Tuanvo Steel Co., Ltd Company which has more than 12 years experience in the the Manufacture of iron, steel and cast-iron industry. Specifically, the factory applies Inverter Central technology of SMA – the world’s number 1 inverter brand. All are fully manufactured and imported from Germany.


Address: C10 -C11, Road 2, Tan Do Industrial Zone, Duc Hoa Ha Village, Duc Hoa District, Long An province

Location (according to google): https://bom.so/PboYv8

Solar radiation intensity (kwh/m2/day): 4.6

Capacity (kwp): 985

Electricity selling price (USD): 0.83

Customers buy electricity: EVN

Rooftop rental company: Tuanvo Steel Co., Ltd Company

Solar panel: Canadian

Inverter: SMA

Project value (usd): 730,000

Time of operation (COD) day month year: 20/12/2020

Project life cycle (years): 20


Monthly power output(kwh): 100.000 – 110.000

Monthly revenue(USD): 9,524 – 10,823

Revenue by year (USD): 103,897 – 129,870

Investment analysis

Operating cost: 3%

The Future of Sustainablity is Here

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