Following documents have to be submitted in the application for listing project on the Invest4Energy platform

  • being approved by a 3rd party auditor on the property and the finance.
  • providing the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). For any project the electricity is guaranteed to be paid for the whole project life cycle.
  • providing the land/roof lease agreement.
  • the collateral requirements are met for the loan to be as secured as possible.

All loans will be fully refunded, if any of the above is breached, and the energy developer will pay a penalty, which is deducted from the collateral

A fee will be charged for late payments, however if it’s over 4 weeks late I4E will take over the project with no warning

20% of the listing fee will be reserved for the cases of default

The platform operates on loans, not investments as energy tokens will not be a security (more details are available upon agreed NDA).

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